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If you are looking to come to the U.S. permanently or temporarily, the immigration system may seem intimidating. Our firm has practiced exclusively in immigration law for 35 years. During that time, we have helped thousands become permanent residents through both Employment-Based, including EB-1A, EB-1B, NIW, Labor Certification, as well as Family-Based immigrant visas. We have also helped just as many people stay in the U.S. on temporary visas, including H-1B, O-1, L-1, and R-1.


I am constantly being approached by email by firms who want to "help us do our immigration work" by outsourcing to other firms. I know for a fact that certain very large firms (which I will not name) do outsource some, if not most of their work to organizations in other countries, such as India. Many of these outsourcing firms are generally the more expensive law firms in the field of immigration.

I doubt that my clients believe that they are receiving better service when their case has been outsourced not only to different office, but an office in an entirely different country. I am sure that this increases the profit margins of the outsourcing firms, however.

I strongly recommend that anyone that decides to work with a very large firm (or even a smaller firm for that matter) should ask the question: "Do you outsource your work to any other organization?" Since I have been approached by companies that are looking to take on our work, I assume many other immigration law firms are also being approached.

I can guarantee that when someone hires our firm, they hire us--not some company that the client never speaks to or hears from, or a company in another country.


We are a family law firm. We are fully responsible for the work we do--work that we are proud to call our own. We have never hired and will never hire anyone outside of our firm to do our work for us. To all current and potential clients: we promise you that this will never happen, and we further promise you that you will always be able to speak with the actual person in our firm who is handling your case (all of whom are listed on our profiles page on this website).

If you are considering other attorneys, I would only advise that you make sure that the firm you hire actually knows what it is doing, and which will give you the service you are paying for. Beware of companies that are more interested in "High Throughput at Lower Costs" than they are interested in providing quality services. Demand to know what the lawyer that you are hiring is actually doing with your case.

Why choose us? Our firm gets results for scientists, researchers, professors, and other professionals.

Our tried and true methods have helped thousands of professionals earn their green cards, and eventually become U.S. citizens. We place a strong emphasis on accessibility, communication, and collaboration with each one of our clients.

We also work constantly to provide our clients with the best value. Our agreements, which give detailed explanations of the services that are included, are readily available on our website. Unlike many attorneys, who charge additional fees for services after your case has been filed, we won't stop working until you have received your green card.

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That's why we offer free case evaluations, either by email or over the phone (typically 15 minutes). Just by getting in touch with us, you will have the opportunity to speak with a licensed attorney who is knowledgable in immigration matters. While there are limitations to the advice that we can give in a free evaluation, this is a great place to get started.

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